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Kookaburra Delicate cleans and softens all types of fibers

Delicate combines the deodorizing power of tea tree oil, the beneficial properties of lavender with the conditioning, fiber enhancing qualities of coconut and jojoba bean oils leaving your washables clean, fresh and amazingly soft. Our detergent free concentrate reduces fiber breakdown, limiting fading, extending the life of your washables. 
Ideal for: (Always refer to manufacturers instructions when laundering with Kookaburra Delicate)

  • Silks
  • Lingerie
  • Cotton, linen
  • Spandex/Lycra
  • Hand knit or hand woven
  • Rayon
  • Bedding (sheets, pillow cases)
  • Down (pillows, sleeping bags, comforters)

How to: Machine wash – 1-2 oz in a “traditional”, ½ - 1 oz in a HE washer. Kookaburra is effective at any temperature. With Kookaburra concentrate no additional softeners’ are required Hand wash – 1tsp (1/6th oz) in 1-2 gallons warm water. Add Delicate to water immerse garment making sure there is complete saturation. Rinsing is optional.